About Us

The splendid history of Leafton Impex is a catalyst which resulted in the accomplishment of the company. The company has awestruck the minds of the consumers from the time it came into existence. Leafton Impex is a name synonymous with success, a name to deem with quality tiles exporters in Gujarat.

Over the years, the corporation has introduced a huge array of designer interior and architectural finishes such as of the Ceramic Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Parking Tiles, Roofing Tiles, Quartz Stones and Sanitary Wares. The products offered have various code numbers, names for easy selection and ordering. We bid absolute guidance to customers with regards to designs, patterns, selection, rates, area coverage, packing, shipping etc.

Being one of the most leading and fastest growing exporting companies in India, Leafton Impex ensures that all products are made by the best manufacturers in the country and all the production is closely monitored and supervised. Stringent quality control guarantees customer satisfaction and repeat orders.

Leafton Impex has an extensive range of products to opt from and has its network spread in several countries. In addition, we also supply a large variety of specially designed products and endow with the customization of products in accordance to the customers' needs about, "What, Where and, When" is it required.

Time and again, we have accomplished our goals through our commitment towards superior quality and satisfaction of our customers by our incessant efforts. We are steadfast towards delivering the products with Enthralling Designs, Impeccable Quality, Dependability and Designing Features.

We, at Leafton Impex have a persistent team to ensure "purchaser-delight" by providing an exclusive range of innovative design for enhanced value for your money and quality in service, product and operation. By habitually extending and adding up to our design collections, we aspire to give you plethora of choice, in both style and cost, to help you build your ideal space.

We anticipate you find the ultimate designs for your interior and exterior spaces at Leafton Impex, whatever it may be.